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Kost is a Gothic castle located in the Czech Republic. It is privately owned Czech noble family Kinsky dal Borgo.

He built it sometime before 1349 Benes of Wartenberg. As one of the few Czech castles is not located on a hill, but in the valley on a sandstone cliff. He is still very well preserved.

An interesting feature of the castle is a tower with a trapezoidal shape. Irregular plan tower, which occurs in a number of Czech castles, builders used to protect against volleys from the works of the besiegers. After the wall that is perpendicular to the enemy shot, ball slides and do about the damage.

The castle is open from April to October. The tour of the castle is divided into four areas:

  1. Circuit Kinsky in Bohemia are family portraits and paintings of one of the oldest noble families. (50-60min).
  2. Circuit torture chamber deals with criminal law in the 16th until the 18th century. (50-60min).
  3. The combined circuit 1 and second circuit (140 min.)
  4. Short circuit, shows the exterior of the castle (30 min.) It is a complementary circuit.

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