The Portland Japanese Garden


The Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional Japanese garden of 5.5 acres (22,000 m²) in size, located in Portland (Oregon), USA.

The Japanese garden is close to the main entrance of the "Washington Park" at the top of the "Park Place", and a short walk from the International Rose Test Garden. Parking can be scarce on sunny days, but TriMet line 63 to close, like Washington Park Shuttle

The Portland Japanese Garden encompasses five distinct garden styles. Upon entering a Japanese garden, the desired effect is to find a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility and experience the feeling of being part of nature. In a profound sense, a Japanese garden is a vivid reflection of the long history and traditional culture of Japan. Influenced by the philosophies of Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist, there is always "something more" in these compositions of stone, water, and plants that are eyes.

Three essential elements used to create a Japanese garden are stone, the "bones" of the landscape, water, life giving force, and plants, the tapestry of the four seasons. The Japanese garden designers feel that good composition of the stones is one of the most important elements in creating a well-designed garden.

The child elements include pagodas, stone lanterns, water basins, arbors, and bridges. Japanese gardens are asymmetrical in design and reflect nature in idealized form. Traditionally, the human scale is maintained everywhere so that everyone feels always part of the environment, not dominated. As Professor Tono wanted to incorporate native trees in Portland Japanese Garden in order to mix in a natural way with their environment, some of the plantations in the garden is on a larger scale.

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Size: 5.5 acres (2.2 ha)
Collections: Strolling Pond Garden, Natural Garden, Sand and Stone Garden, Flat Garden, Tea Garden
Opened: 1967

45°31'8.890000000000001"N, -122°42'24.41"W

Southwest Kingston Avenue 611, 97205 Portland, OR, US

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