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Kruger National Park is Africa's oldest park. It was announced in 1902 and today is the most popular and best known natural attractions of South Africa. It bears the name of Boer politics Paul Kruger. It's actually a small state - an area equivalent to Wales or Israel. It measures almost 20,000 square kilometers and is located in the Transvaal border with Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

From the Crocodile River in the south to the north of the Limpopo measuring 350 km, is it 2400 km of roads and 24 camps, in which you can spend the night. Every day here in the coming season 3000 visitors, most of whom also houses. After traveling can go up at 40 or 50 miles an hour in some places is compliance monitored.

After buying tickets for each registered guest computer. In the 18 hours must be either logged in, accommodation in a camp or be outside the gate. Search stragglers is an unpleasant embarrassment and must be paid.

The camp is a place prepared for caravans, hostels, small cottages and luxury bungalows with air conditioning. Build a tent is possible, but probably with much count. The amount of game is to unimaginable. The Kruger Park are books, zoologists and artists working there for life. It occurs here 137 kinds of mammals, 112 species of reptiles (including snakes 50), 49 fish species, 33 amphibian species, 227 kinds of butterflies.

The biggest problem in the Kruger Park are neither visitors nor poachers, nor beast, but especially elephants. Their condition is constantly increasing and increasing and the area devastated landscape. Scrub bushland in places where there are large elephant herds, changes in the desert that can not support other herbivores. There is a decline of very rare species of antelope, reducing the number of elephants blasting provokes protests of conservationists.

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Nearest city: Nelspruit (southern), Phalaborwa (central)
Area: 19,485 km2 (7,523 sq mi)
Established: 31 May 1926
Governing body: South African National Parks

-23°56'54.98"S, 31°31'50.74"E

Phalaborwa - Letaba Road, Kruger National Park, Limpopo, South Africa

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